Why I Keep Doing it!

In an early age you just now what you want to do in life and I had that early in life when I saw my first Disney Movies every Friday and weekends.

Software Skills

Maya 2022
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Adobe after effects
ProCreate (Ipad)

Adobe creative Suite 75%

3D Character animation- 90%

2D Animation- 70%

Work Exspriens- 95%

My name is Gill & I'm a 2D/3D Animator and AE Compositor. I am always out to look forward to new challenges and have been in the field for more than 18 years working for games, tv and films. Please look at my CV.
Hope to hear back from you.


Down below you can see my CV and what kind of studios I have worked for.

Tactile Games 2020- 2022

Animator in Marketing.

Creating new ideas for Tactile Games.

Includes rendering, lightning, Motion graphics, and Modeling.

Gill Frank Freelancer

Freelancer| 2012- 2021

Rigging 2d characters in Adobe after effects, animating and composting the shots, adding effects.
Editing storyboard for output to AE to have sound ready for use in each shot.
Worked with clients to create stunning Motion Graphics.
Over 45 million views on youtube.

3D Previs Artist Wilfilm ApS

2012- 2013 

Working as a 3D Previs artist for Yoda Chronicles Short film and new Ninjago Series.

3d Previs Artist/ Animator Gimmick VFX

2012- 2012

3D Character animator for Commercials.

3D Generalist Maya The Danish Filmschool

2010- 2010

Working with the Danish Film School to finish their midway short film project with light/rendering setup to the scenes, and organizing workflow to the colleagues.
4 weeks of work.

3D Character Animator Gimmick VFX

2010- 2010

Character animator on LEGO:The Quest for R2-D2.
Was in a small team to create full Layout, Camera setup staging and full Character animation.
Was on a tied scheduled to make it in time, worked with 2 other animators.

Character animator Super Umami ( Scotland)

2007- 2007

Animator on KNTV for Channel 4 were we made around 10 episodes.

Illustrator LEGO

2003- 2004

Lego System A/S - 2D & 3D Illustrator for building books.

Copenhagen Bombay

2019 - 2020 

Worked on Mia's Magic Playground on 24 epiosodes for Viaplay. Creating Character animation in high quality over 6 months.

3D Previs Artist Ghost A/S

2013- 2013 2 month

On series (Hero Factory)

Animator Duckling A/S

2012- 2012

Full character animation commercials for Danish TV.
I worked on 3 different commercials: LEGO Starwars, two LEGO Hero factory commercials and one Bähncke Sauce.
Besides the animation part, I worked closely with the clients to show and make changes to the shots if needed.

3D Previs Artist Wilfilm ApS

2010- 2012

Working as a 3D Previs artist for Yoda Chronicles Short film and new Ninjago Series.

Copenhagen Bombay Animator

2009- 2010

Complete animation for libraries of Denmark.
In charge of rendering and lighting the scenes for print and posters.

Game Animator Deadlinegames

2007- 2009

Animator for the new-gen game. (Watchmen)
Close communication with Lead Animator.
Cleanup of mocap and key animation for the game.
Animating Cut scenes in Adobe After effects.

Game Animator, Rockstar Vienna (Austria)

2004- 2006

Max Pain 3
Duties included working with a new Gen-game and project management, handling with deadlines, tweaking Mocap animation for use in-game, animate for the AI System.


2003 - 2004

Ballyfermot College of Further Education (Ireland)

Bachelor of Technology in animation.

3 Years of learning traditional 2D animation.
All from Layout, storytelling, production, business, animation.
Final year! production of your own film.

1999 - 2002

Richard Williams Masterclass

Animation Masterclass

4 days of learning course of traditional animation from Richard Williams himself.

1997 - 1997


Animwork, Animation School Viborg

Diploma, 3D Character animator

14 weeks course of using Maya.

Teachers from Pixar and Dreamworks.